P.ainting directly onto a screen mesh to create unique silkscreen monoprints

Painting directly onto a screen mesh to create unique silkscreen monoprints

Tessa Pearson studied Printed Textile design at UCA Farnham and the Royal College of Art, where she won the Courtaulds Prize and was commissioned by Liberty of London to produce a collection of printed silks. As Tessa Lambert she opened her own print studio and gallery in London and successfully sold her distinctive handpainted silks around the world.

Since 2000 Tessa’s professional practise has centred on her continuing passion for colour. Her work is an intuitive response to recollections of moments in time and special places, inspired by pattern and rhythms in space, currently is focusing on watercolour painting, mixed media and printmaking, working in series to explore and revisit a theme many times.

Tessa’s bold abstract prints are mostly original monotypes using oil etching inks, built up in many layers and richly textured with additional elements of collage, hand painting and individual laser cut woodblock printed imagery. Her original techniques have evolved using vivid colours and bold abstract mark making to express the physical and emotional impact she experiences when immersed in a wonderful exotic garden or dramatic patchwork landscape.

She is actively involved with i- Contemporary Art and Ochre Print Studios, exhibiting widely at art fairs and galleries in the UK, and is chairman of the Fountain Gallery, an artist co-operative in Hampton Court, Surrey.